A pair of heart-warming stories

Mar 14 2008 Published by under Animals

We live in a world that's pretty crappy sometimes, and the current world political situation just makes things look even bleaker.  It's so nice, then, to occasionally see a few stories that can warm your heart and make you feel good inside.  In that spirit, I briefly describe a couple of happy tales that I stumbled across on the 'tubes' this week...

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Half-Life, in Legos

Feb 24 2008 Published by under Entertainment

Still some light posting this weekend, as I'm in the house-buying mode. Something I came across recently, which is a little old but entertaining: an enterprising Norwegian teenager has been recreating, with stop-motion animation and Legos, the entire first Half-Life video game! He's up to seven parts so far, and they get increasingly entertaining. The video of part 1 is linked below the fold:

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Some of my favorite video game villains!

Feb 06 2008 Published by under Entertainment, role-playing games

One of my vices, if you would call it that, is an endless desire to make 'top ten' lists of things. Or top eight, or six... whatever I can find! I'm a lot like John Cusack's character in High Fidelity (including the history of relationship troubles).

Anyway, today I've had video game villains on my mind. I thought I'd make a list of some of my favorite video game villains. My favorites include those with great personalities, those who scared the hell out of me, and those who just kick ass! My list below the fold. Some minor spoilers are involved, so if you're planning to play the game mentioned, you may want to skip that description...

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