Vote for kitty Sasha!

Sep 14 2010 Published by under Animals, Personal

I can't resist doing a mini-bleg: vote for our kitty Sasha as cutest pet in the American Express Cutest Pet Photo Contest! The pic you're looking for is:

Voting runs to 10/1/2010, and you can vote every day for Sasha! We're way behind (I'm pretty sure folks are gaming the system), but the benefits of winning aren't trivial -- we could win a $2000 gift card.

The only catch is that they ask for an email on first voting. They aren't verifying emails, however, so you can put pretty much anything in to thwart future correspondence. You will lose out on a chance for a $375 gift card if you don't use your own email, though.

At this point, it's partly about pride for me -- Sasha is way cuter than some of those other animals, and deserves more votes!

(Okay, I'm done begging -- back to science blogging!)

5 responses so far

  • Thony C. says:

    You want me to vote for a cat!

  • peggy says:

    Sasha looks like a winner!

  • Ken says:

    Well, I've done my part, but the "poll" is way too easily gamed and you just don't have the legions of pharyngulators like PZ has.

    I'm actually surprised that AmEx would setup a contest with actual money as a prize based upon a polling system that is simply cookie based. You would think someone would sue them for not making a reasonable effort to prevent cheating or something like that.

    I'll be happy to throw in some more votes as I get time, but others are obviously putting a lot of time and effort into voting up their entries. Hopefully Sasha won't get depressed over this. Catwalk models have been known to be very temperamental.

    • drskyskull says:

      Yeah, it seems to be a very poorly thought out contest. Thanks for voting, though! (We'll just tell Sasha that she won!)