Archives are up!

Aug 05 2010 Published by under Personal

I put in a little extra time this evening and managed to figure out how to transfer my blog archives over to the new site here!  Everything seems to be present and accounted for, though I may have to check whether the links are correct or not.

Anyway, if you're new to my blogging and want to check out my earlier work, now you can do it all in one place!

(Update: I have a lot of LaTeX repairing to do, and a lot of link fixing to do!)

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  • Janet D. Stemwedel says:

    Repairs or not, this still merits a w00t!

  • drskyskull says:

    Janet: Thanks! I'm the sort that goes nuts if I don't have all my posts in one place. Imagine how troubled I was when I was living in The Netherlands, and had stuff stored in both Rochester and Chicago...