Hummingbirds are back!

Jul 03 2010 Published by under Animals

The hummingbirds are back around, and drinking from our window-based feeder!  I managed to get a really clear shot of one of them:

The image is so clear, in fact, that if you zoom in on the full, hi-res version, you can actually seen the side of the house reflected in the hummingbird's eye!

This shot was a bit of quirky luck: I had seen the birds buzzing in and out of the feeder several times during the day, but they usually take off when they see me moving in the house.  On a random whim, I suddenly decided to grab the camera and stand, motionless, pointing at the feeder, just in case one went by.  This was really a long shot, since they come by perhaps several times a day at most, but within a minute of me standing there, the fellow pictured above stopped in for a drink!

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