Into the doggie Abyss...

Jun 03 2010 Published by under Animals

Update: Alas, it was not meant to be.  My wife is very allergic to the dog, and I'm pretty allergic myself (quite unusual for a Shih Tzu); also, the cats are not adapting well and are very traumatized (which is the cat's problem; the dog is very good around them for the most part).  We're going to send Winston back to get him a home without complications.  We'll miss him terribly.

Well, The Wife and I have taken the plunge and adopted a dog:

This is Dillon, a Shih Tzu that we've adopted from a rescue shelter.   The Wife decided she'd like a little animal to baby (our cats aren't too fond of babying), and I agreed.  He's a sweet little dog:

Shih Tzus are supposed to be, in general, relatively docile, quiet dogs.  Right now, though, he's incredibly excited and running all over the place, and the cats don't know what to make of him.  I have a feeling my blogging will be a little infrequent for a couple of weeks...

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  • The wife says:

    I'll be glad when this post is lower on your page so that I don't have to see his sweet little face and get sad again. 🙁