Another kitty in da house!

Nov 22 2009 Published by under Animals

And this time it's a real kitten, only six months old.  We're fostering her for a while until we can find her a good home.  Her name is Sophie, and she's a very sweet kitty.  Here's a picture of her sleeping on her adopted mother's legs:

I tried to get a picture of her asleep, but her little kitten ears picked up my approach!

So far, she seems to be getting along fine with our current 4 antisocial cats.  I think they more or less realize that she's not here to take over and just wants to play.  She actually is of a similar size and coloration to our most antisocial cat, Zoe:

We're holding out a little hope that Zoe and Sophie will decide to get along, though knowing Zoe it's a bit of a distant hope!

Update: In a fascinating development, our cat Sabrina is actually learning from Sophie!  Sophie has been playing a lot with toy balls, batting them around and carrying them in her mouth.  Tonight, Sabrina started doing exactly the same thing, even though she's never done it before.

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