Hummingbirds move fast!

Jul 22 2009 Published by under Animals

Less than 24 hours after putting up a new hummingbird feeder, we have this:



This one is from a little later in the day:


We've got a lot of birds visiting our yard these days, so much so that we've had to get more feeders.  I'll put up more bird pics once I get good ones (damn cardinals never sit still).

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  • The Wife says:

    Specifically we have:

    About 1 million House Finches that drain the birdfeeder every other day
    A Cardinal family - mom and pop and one or two babies
    Two Cowbird couples
    The occasional Chickadee
    A couple of Sparrows
    A Mockingbird who is feeding her babies a diet of mealworms
    A few fat squirrels who drive the cats nuts
    A bunny who eats our grass each morning and evening
    And one unidentified bird who comes to the meal worm feeder and may be a female Purple Martin

    It's turning into a wildlife refuge. 🙂

  • TW: Don't forget the hordes of grackles, the goldfinches, the mourning doves, and the woodpecker!

  • The Wife says:

    I knew there were more! I also spotted a Blue Jay and we say a Robin last night.

    P.S. - don't forget to stop for mealworms.

  • The Ridger says:

    Nice pictures. I need a camera that will freeze action that well.

  • Markk says:

    No Woodpeckers or hawks? I'll be there are some hawks around. Great Pictures!

    • Markk: I haven't been able to photograph the woodpecker in our area yet. There are hawks around, but they don't bother coming into our yard. They have circled the yard, though...

  • Markk says:

    If you wait long enough you will see perching hawks if you get enough action at your feeders. Something on the order of a Cooper's Hawk or similar. If you ever notice a real lack of action in a time when there should be some look around! Backyard birdwatching is fun, spoken as a guy who has been doing counts for 30+ years. It's amazing how you get a feel for the population over time.