Back in the air!

Apr 20 2009 Published by under Sports

The weather has finally been getting nice enough again to get some consistent skydiving in and not freeze one's ass off at the same time!  The following video is actually back from January, but I finally got around to uploading it the other day.  It consists of two skydives: an eight way and a six way.  Both jumps look a little confused, as we hadn't really gotten much jumping in over the winter months, but they allowed us to shake off some of the rust and get back in the swing of things.  Video by my friend Quincy:

"Currency", as it's called, is very important to a regular skydiver.  Though freefall is the most natural feeling in the world to me, it is not a natural activity and one can forget how to "fly" after a prolonged lay-off.  Most jumpers try and get out pretty much every weekend for at least a couple of jumps.

(P.S.  YouTube is getting really goofy with copyright fears!  Quincy had put together for me a DVD with a background song, and this was what I uploaded to YouTube without thinking much about it.  I was astounded to see that they now automatically scan uploaded videos for similarities to pop music, and block things that have musical clips.  I replaced it with some horse$#!+ that YouTube 'suggested'.)

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  • Dammit! You're making me long for the air again. (Yeah yeah, I say this all the time but still do nothing about it...). By the way, where are you getting your reserve repacks done now? I thought Gus left the DZ. Also, which jumpsuit are you in the video? I think you're the green and yellow, if I remember correctly?

    • Mike: I get my reserve repacks done by another rigger at the DZ; it turns out that there are quite a few, though none are a master rigger like Gus. And I am the jumper in the black/green jumpsuit, with the lime green striped container (which probably looks yellow).

  • stuwat says:

    Good job I'm sat down; I get nervous and my legs go unsteady just watching.

    Great movie, even if the music wasn't to anyone's taste.