The birds have fledged!

Apr 19 2009 Published by under Animals

Just a quick update about the family of house finches we've had on our front door wreath: the babies have fledged!  This previous Tuesday, we chanced a peek into the nest and saw a little face peeking back at us:


Cute, eh?  It looked like they still had quite a ways to go.  (Incidentally, the house finch keeps the poop of the baby finches around the border of the nest -- hence the mess of white.)

Today, we heard a very raucous peeping coming from the nest, along with some rustling.  Suddenly, a flock of birds appeared on the tree in front of our house:


Our bird babies are flying!  The fiancée and I felt very lucky to have been present for what must have been one of the first flights.  (The picture is a bit grainy because I had to shoot through a screen and window.)  Soon, we'll be able to clean the poop off of the front door!

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