Terminator and Dollhouse: excellent, again

Apr 10 2009 Published by under Entertainment

Just a short note: I've been rather preoccupied with classes and other academic responsibilities and haven't had much time to work on detailed physics blog posts.  This will hopefully change this week, as I've got a few ideas in the works.  (Part of the problem: I'm getting really ambitious with my posts, and they end up requiring much more research than I first think.)

In the meantime, I had to just comment that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse were both really good, and compelling, tonight.

It was the season finale of Terminator, and it didn't disappoint: the writers "doubled down" in a sense and introduced a number of really unexpected twists to the story.   The show, though somewhat slow moving at times, has introduced a depth of character and a complexity to the plot far, far beyond what ever appeared in the movies.

Sadly, it still isn't clear if there will be a season 3, as nothing has been announced!  It is thought that the upcoming theatrical release of Terminator 4 might convince FOX executives that TSCC is worth keeping around to capitalize on "Terminator mania".  I'm definitely hoping...

Dollhouse gave more of a hint how the show can sustain its premise over an extended run.  As I noted in my previous post on the show, though the "dolls" in principle are different people in each episode, they serve as "mirrors" through which the hopes and desires of the other characters are reflected.  We saw a bit more of that tonight, as well as another aspect: a somewhat Frankenstein-ian twist to the tale.  The character of Echo, like Frankenstein's monster, is turning out to be more than her creators expected or can handle.

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