Nazi zombies threaten Austin, TX!

Jan 29 2009 Published by under ... the Hell?, Silliness

... at least that's what a pair of electronic road signs warned drivers on Wednesday:


Station KXAN in Austin has the details.  Apparently a group of enterprising prankster hackers changed the messages on the road signs to warn of a zombie holocaust ahead.  Some samples, taken from the video report:

"Caution! Zombies ahead!  The end is near!!!!!"

"Zombies ahead! Run!  Nazi zombies! Run!"

The prank counts as a definite act of hacking, because on top of cutting the padlocks protecting the computer interface of the signs, the hackers needed to get past the password protection. (Which, I would guess, involved putting in whatever the factory default is.  Who would think of seriously password-protecting a road sign?)

Of course, the Austin Public Works is not amused, and was quick to point out that this is a crime which potentially endangers public safety (the signs are there to warn of traffic issues), not to mention an act of vandalism (cutting padlocks).

Provided it is a one-time prank, I find it pretty amusing.  I'll have less sympathy if this becomes a recurring or copycatted event.

For now, though, a little extra unexpected silliness in the world is really appreciated.

Update: Be sure to take the KXAN poll, on a tab on the story's web page: Do you have a zombie escape planned out already?

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