200k page view milestone!

Jan 28 2009 Published by under Personal

I've passed yet another personal blogging milestone: a total of 200k page views!  It seems like yesterday that I passed thet 100k mark, though it was actually last month.  Thanks to my 'spot the math errors' post, I've had over 100k views within a month's time...

Here's hoping that 300k comes just as quickly!

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  • simplicio says:


  • Blake Stacey says:

    You almost motivated me to look at my own site statistics, but then I realized that would just make me sad, so I tried to watch one of the "remastered" Star Trek episodes on Hulu. Then the TV show died on me halfway through.

    Where can I not win next?

    • Blake: I've had days like that! On one of my worst, my final effort to 'pick myself up' was to listen to one of my favorite songs on cassette tape.

      The tape got eated.

      As far as blog stats go, everything's downhill for me now: I'm not going to be getting 17k a day again for quite some time, I think...