Home from the holidays!

Dec 29 2008 Published by under Personal

Whew!  The fiancée and I managed to get back home last night without any serious hassles.  We've been simply exhausted, though, because our trip involved three legs: a starting visit with my family in Chicago for a couple of days, followed by a trip to Montana to visit her family for a few days, and then a return to Chicago for a final day.

The return to Chicago got all screwed up due to unfavorably mild weather.  When we left Chicago the first time, there was several feet of snow on the ground and temperatures around -10 °F.  When we were returning, the temperature jumped to 60 °F, causing the snow to evaporate into a thick, ground-covering fog which blocked all flights into O'Hare and Midway Airports.  We spend a couple of restless hours sleep in a hotel in Minneapolis before catching a flight the next day.

With that delay, we have effectively been in airports and airplanes for three days in a row, which is not a happy occurrence.  Also, our luggage was lost and is now finally appearing at home.

Fortunately, we asked our kitties' aunt Janet to knit us a few new toy rats for the cats, as the old one had been disemboweled in November.  I had left the carcass in the pantry in order to take a picture for a blog post, but apparently Zoe wasn't done with it yet.  The pet-sitter must have left the pantry door slightly ajar, because we returned home to find several cat toys strewn across the floor, as well as this horrifying sight:


Yep, the cats had thoroughly shredded a good section of the rat.  Thanks to Janet for the replacements!  They've already been put into action...

Once I get settled, I'll hopefully get back into some more regular blogging again!

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  • babs aka the fiancee says:

    I went back to the original rat post and saw Sabrina in them. You need to post some updated photos of her - she has really improved even more since those were taken. Especially how fluffy her tail has become. Maybe you can take more with that nice camera you got for Christmas. 😉

  • Janet Szabo says:

    Holler when they kill those rats. The rat factory can be up and running in a flash.

  • Janet: Thanks! Hopefully we'll keep these two in good repair for a while...