Happy Turkey Day!

Nov 27 2008 Published by under Animals

I'm using the day as an opportunity to get some work done on my textbook.  We managed to eat our Thanksgiving dinner without kitten interference, as they were too tired to notice.  Later, however, the fiancée got up to make a turkey sandwich for her mother, and kitty chaos resulted:


First only three of the kitties demanded food, but soon Simon hopped up on the island to get in on the action:


Soon after, the kitties pounced, and the pictures of the horrifying aftermath are not for the faint of heart...

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  • Um... are you trying to say that the cats ATE Babs?

    Cuz I'm not sure the cops are going to buy that story again, and I'm tired of being your alibi every time this happens.

  • babs aka the fiancee says:

    PD - never fear - I am still here! Dr. Skullstars is going to have to get more imaginative to get rid of me.

    The kitties were all given a little bit of turkey as a treat. They gobbled it up (no pun intended) and then all went to their respective corners to wash their faces and take a nap.

  • stuwat says:

    Not an expensive bottle of wine I hope.