Copernicus found?

Nov 20 2008 Published by under Science news

This is cool.  Via Americablog, I learn that researchers believe that they have identified the grave of Nicolaus Copernicus -- by comparing the skeleton to two hairs found in one of the astronomer's books!

Copernicus (1473-1543) was the Polish astronomer who first introduced a scientific cosmology placing the Sun as the central point of motion, rather than the Earth.  This heliocentric theory opened the door for modern astronomy and following work by such important scientists as Galileo.

Copernicus was known to be buried in Frombork Cathedral and in 2005 remains were found in the cathedral floor which were suspected to belong to the esteemed astronomer.  Recent DNA investigation on the hairs in one of his books and the suspect skeleton confirmed the identity.

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  • Now that we've found his body, can we reanimate him, or at least clone him? For me, that's what science is all about.

  • PD: I would recommend creating an amusement park filled with clones of famous scientists, but of course chaos theory predicts that the clones will eventually turn on their makers and go on a murderous rampage.

    "Rraaargh! Copernicus is back!!!"