Zoe's sidesliding technique

Nov 18 2008 Published by under Animals

In lieu of more substantive blogging, I present this video of our cat Zoe:

She's developed her own lazy version of playing, in which she slides along the ground on her side after a toy instead of actually getting up to chase it.  The other day the fiancée got Zoe going, so I snapped some video of the action.  Look for her sideslide to come into play increasingly, starting at about the minute mark.


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  • babs67 says:

    It's even funnier watching the video. So cute! I love seeing Sabrina's ears peeking up from the bottom of the frame too.

  • Janet Szabo says:

    Didn't Cricket used to do that?

  • babs67 says:

    Did she? I was telling Greg how she was an escape artist and spent her life trying to figure out how to get outside. I also shared the time she came ricocheting into the kitchen with her harness stuck around her paw and her mouth and how Dad and I had to cut her out of it.

  • I think Zoe can get away with this technique because she's so small - she slides easily along the ground, where our, ahem, plumper cats have way too much friction. Zoe's lightness also assists her in her amazing ability to leap through the kitty condo, hook the other side, and climb up without touching the ground.

  • babs aka the fiancee says:

    I think we need video of the kitty condo maneuver next.