I voted! Early!

Oct 29 2008 Published by under [Politics], Personal

Well, it took 1 1/2 hours, but I got my early voting in!  And I didn't get tricked by the abysmal design of the NC ballot.

For me, the occasion was chock full of symbolism and happy coincidences.  When I got in line, it was cold out and rather gloomy looking, but by the time I exited the polling place, the sun was shining and warm.  I celebrated my vote (and my car not getting towed where I parked it) by stopping by a nearby Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.  Sitting at the bar, I was just in time to catch CNN's live coverage of Obama speaking to North Carolina voters.  He may as well have been speaking directly to me at that point (though I didn't see any starbursts shooting through the screen, alas).

I'm feeling pretty good about this election.  The early voting numbers support my feeling.

Update:  Just to round off this good feeling, I threw a little more money to progressive candidates online: some to Kay Hagan, who's working to bump out Liddy Dole in NC, and some to Gary Trauner of Wyoming, who is trying to take Dick Cheney's old seat for the Democrats.

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