Some words from Wordsworth Mystery & Supernatural

Aug 31 2008 Published by under Horror

Over the past few months, I've been throwing in a 'shout-out' to some smaller press publishers who specialize in classic and hard-to-find weird fiction; some original posts on the topic can be found here and here.  A few weeks ago the finance/marketing director of Wordsworth Editions Ltd, Derek Wright, dropped a nice comment in my original 'shout-out'; since it appeared in an old post, I thought I'd reprint the comment in its entirety here:

Thanks for the mention of our Mystery & Supernatural series, which I stumbled across purely because I was reading your other notes while I was researching for possible new titles. As a small company (there are only three of us), we welcome suggestions from readers, so if anyone would care to have a look at our list, and comes up with something that we really should be doing, drop us a line on the website. The only specific requirement is that they need to be out of copyright (70+ years after the author’s death - we can’t squeeze royalties into a £2.99 R.R.P.) Mmmm, Flaxman Low, now there’s an idea…

Wordsworth Editions is one of the two small press publishers (along with Valancourt Books) which I am particularly fond of.  They've been reprinting a number of classic tales which would otherwise be quite inaccessible.  I highly encourage people to check them out; you won't be disappointed!

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