"Look, you fools. You're in danger. Can't you see? They're after you. They're after all of us. Our wives, our children, everyone. They're here already. YOU'RE NEXT!"

Aug 29 2008 Published by under Science news

This is just my way of saying Blake Stacey has been absorbed into scienceblogs.com, part of the Seed Media Group.  He is now in the distinguished company of such great science blogs as Pharyngula, A Blog Around the Clock, and erv.  I'm updating my blogroll accordingly.

Don't recognize the title quote?  I'm a little tired of the constant 'Borg' references that get passed around every time someone gets assimilated into scienceblogs, so I thought I'd try and steer the analogy in another direction.

C'mon... Seed... pods... what's the difference?  🙂  In any case, congrats to Blake!

Oh, as long as I'm updating my blogroll, I thought I should note that I'm also adding the APS 'Physics Central' blog!

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