Bill Murray makes a skydive!

Aug 17 2008 Published by under Sports

(h/t my Mom)  For the opening of the 50th Chicago Air & Water show on Friday, actor Bill Murray decided to take the plunge and make a tandem skydive!  The raw footage of his skydive can be seen at the Chicago Tribune here.

The funny thing about it is, with only a few notable deviations, the video plays very much like the video anyone would get making a tandem!  There's the pre-launch interview, the look at the altimeter at altitude, the pre-jump questioning, followed by the jump and a 'debrief' immediately upon landing.

What were the deviations?  Watch the video, and then follow me below...

The obvious differences are that most people don't get to jump with the Golden Knights and don't get to jump pretty much in downtown Chicago!  Also unconventional is the second videographer, holding onto the tandem jumpers as they leave the plane.  Typically there's only one camera jumper, and they stay clear of the jumper; obviously this was done to capture Murray's detailed expressions as he left the plane (not included in this raw footage).

The other big difference?  I was impressed that Bill managed to throw in a 'swimming' gag in freefall!  I'm sure he thought of it beforehand, but most people on their first skydive tend to just smile and stare at the camera.  Bill is clearly a real mensch!

Bill Murray now joins an illustrious and small list of celebrities who have undertaken skydiving, including George H.W. Bush, Tom Cruise (ick) and Patrick Swayze (ala Point Break).


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