It's just a flesh wound! My knight-liness is confirmed...

Jul 23 2008 Published by under Silliness

Via The Greenbelt, I learned about and took another one of those silly but oddly compelling internet quizzes: this one asks, "Which Chess Piece are You?"  In my case, I scored as The King's Knight, which makes me sound like quite the ass-kicker!  Of course, even if the quiz is accurately translating your answers into a meaningful assessment of your personality, it may simply be assessing who you want to be rather than who you are.  However, at least in my own mind, the description sounds true to me...

Your result for Which Chess Piece are You Test?...

The King's Knight

The King’s Knight is spontaneous and active. They get great satisfaction from acting on impulse. This usually means thrill and risk can be quite exciting. If they are stifled by rules, they may end up feeling ‘dead’ inside. They look for the ‘tick’ behind the clock without the need for verbal cues. Oddly enough, this Knight deeply respects and admires anyone who can best them.

The King's Knight is a 'do-er', naturally impatient with discussion. They seek to live in the moment and are great improvisers. Because of this they are quite capable at bringing ideas or concepts to fruition. They often prefer practical organizational issues. Because they seek to make things happen, they may act too quickly with the appearance of not thinking things through.

They are the best at manipulating others. This usually means that they can convince others to a like-minded position and thus the King would love to have this Knight by their side. They are concrete with their form and speech and are seen as smooth operators. They could be seen as self-promoters and great salesmen of ideas. They are gifted at earning trust. But they are also gifted at applying common sense to any issue. They will maintain acute awareness of factual information during discussions and will guide tangents back on course. The King's Knight is outgoing, charming and fun. They know the 'who's who' and where the socially sophisticated reside and play. They are action oriented and deplore unnecessary diplomacy. They want life to be simple, but realize it isn't.

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  • Babs67 aka the fiancee says:

    Interesting... I took it but didn't get the full results you did though. I am a Black King.

    "You are comfortable letting a situation evolve, reacting to it, and exploiting the weakness of your enemy when he over-reaches. Your followers are loyal to you, and would gladly fall upon the sword of an advancing rook or queen for you, but you would rather use them to sneak in and suprise the enemy. You are content to let others do your dirty work, even your Queen."

    Sounds pretty spot on for me.

  • IronMonkey says:

    The quiz was interesting:

    "The Bishops Clerk is both an idea and people person. Everyone and everything is part of a bizarre cosmic whole... By principle they are intrigued by new ideas but ultimately discard most for one reason or another... This Clerk can have strong, if unconventional convictions which are usually tied into their cosmic view... People will love working with the Bishop’s Clerk because they are easygoing, pleasant and great at brainstorming. They are wonderful in groups of people but need fresh projects to work on... The Bishop’s Clerk is a type of Pawn, but fret not, the Pawn is idealized because of its potential to do many great things and to think of the rest of humanity."

    Sounds also like me. Hihi!! I'm still finding it funny to be described as some type of clown...

  • Babs67 aka the fiancee says:

    Whoops - helps if I take the right test. I am the "Knight's City Guard"

    The Knight’s City Guard is characterized by the desire to serve others in times of need. Sometimes this drive is so powerful that the standard ‘give-and-take’ is unsatisfying. They are bound very much to social convention and don’t like to include moral or political controversy. The City Guard is often forgotten because they are so reliable. They are loyal and great producers of quality – which end up allowing others to take for granted what the City Guard gives. They are hurt by being treated as a doormat but are unwilling to toot their own horn about accomplishments. This is due to that it feels somewhat wrong to want a reward for doing work which is a virtue in itself.

    The City Guard can be overworked and suffer from self inflicted headaches. They are methodical workers with good memories and analytical abilities. They are great in small groups because of their patience. They make pleasant co-workers and better employees. They tend to feel a bit harried by supervisory roles. They form strong loyalties of a personal nature. This is opposed to institutional loyalty. If someone leaves the company that’s close to this type – they may leave as well. They are perfect as teachers, administrators, clerics and fit right in amongst nursing or medical careers.

    The Knight’s City guard is concerned with harmony and traditional behavior. They have a few close friends and are extremely loyal. Don’t confront them, they hate that. Also if the Knight’s City Guard is moody – it could be because they haven’t shared something of importance. Most friends of the City Guard feel ashamed later when finding out why the Guard refused to share the source of their trouble. This ‘Pawn’ is wonderful because they are the diplomat of emotions and needs. They are society’s most constructive and protective member