A short housekeeping note (literally)

Jun 23 2008 Published by under Personal

I've got lots of nifty science stuff to blog about, but this week the fiancée and I will be closing on our new house and moving in, so I'll probably be posting short and light. I'll hopefully be back next week with a broader collection of blog posts (on the other hand, I have to start working on an NSF CAREER award, so maybe not).

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  • Karen says:

    You're buying a house now?! For the love of Dog, would you get arrested or something before your mother suffers a fatal pride attack! "My son the doctor is teaching college, my son the doctor is in Amsterdam, my son the doctor is engaged, did I mention my son the doctor is a doctor?" She really doesn't shut up, you know. How about streaking? That's a good one. She actually said the words "I can't believe he came out of there (pointing...you know...where babies typically come from)." Oi.

    Really though, all the best. I'm glad you're so happy.

    Cousin Karen

  • Karen says:

    Oh, and lest I forget, "my son the doctor has a great blog which you should go check out, even though you won't be able to understand any of it."

    Cool blog, though I don't understand any of it.


  • Hi Karen! Thanks for the comment(s)!

    "She really doesn’t shut up, you know."

    Believe me, I know! 🙂

    "Cool blog, though I don’t understand any of it."

    Now, I know you can understand the occasional fantasy/sci-fi related posts!