May 28 2008 Published by under Sports, Travel

Well, I'm back from my skydiving adventure at the Memorial Day Boogie at Emerald Coast Skydiving Center.  Just like last year, the staff was friendly and helpful, and I managed to get eight jumps on the beach.  There's nothing like landing in front of the Flora-Bama bar and getting a round of cheers and applause from a bunch of bikers!

I should have video of some of the jumps next week, and I'll post them asap.

Some skydivers were not so lucky over the weekend; Michael Fournier, the French skydiver I've written about before, was planning to make his record-setting freefall over Canada from 130,000 feet.  Unfortunately, the attempt never got off the ground; an unexplained electrical discharge disconnected the high-altitude balloon from the gondola before takeoff, and it drifted to the ground 40 km away.

This malfunction put an end to this attempt to set the world-record freefall; the cost of the failure is estimated at 600,000 euros, but Fournier is hoping to try again in August.

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