Wednesday catblogging: Intrepid Eleanor!

Mar 26 2008 Published by under Animals

I just had to post about Eleanor, my semi-adopted stray cat.  When I arrived back late last night from my trip, she was waiting at the front door for me, wanting to be let in.  Of course, I let her in, and she took up her usual spot on my guest bed, purring madly.

The next morning, I went in to find her, and called out her name.  Usually she comes right away, but this time I heard a muffled 'meow', but no cat!  I peeked under the bed several times, but couldn't spot her amongst the clutter.  I circled the bed several times, scratching my head, until I noticed the bulge underneath the comforter.  I lifted up the end carefully, and found...


She had managed to burrow her way underneath the comforter for warmth and darkness!  Considering it was lying flat on the bed before she began, that was quite a feat.  Once I had disturbed her, and taken her picture, she slowly got up and went on her way.  Before that, I interpreted her look in the following way...


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