Blogroll update!

Feb 21 2008 Published by under Personal

I finally decided to update my blogroll the other day with some of the sites that have quickly become required reading for me. It still amazes me how many great authors, in a variety of different disciplines and professions, are willing to share their thoughts and insights.

Anyway, I encourage people to take a look. My only requirements for putting someone on the 'roll is that they write their blog posts semi-often and that their work is interesting and enlightening to read!

A little note: I may be a bit quiet in posting over the next few days: I've got a midterm to grade, and a paper draft to finish before a visitor arrives next week. Those tasks will probably keep me pretty busy.

Update: Oh, and I am probably buying a house with my girlfriend over the weekend. Not surprisingly, this is occupying a lot of my thoughts...

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