Y: The Last Man comes to an end... (update)

Jan 30 2008 Published by under Entertainment

CNN reminded me that the comic series Y: The Last Man is coming to an end; the final issue is released this week. For those not in the know, Y is the story of a plague that wipes out, in a heartbeat, all male mammals on Earth: with the exception of one young man named Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. Faced with a world in chaos completely run by women (note: the chaos comes from 3 billion people dying, not from the fact that the world is run by women; don't write me angry comments), Yorick ventures out in search of his girlfriend, who was in Australia at the time of the 'event'. Though it may sound like an opportunity for cheesy and wacky sexual hijinks, the story is actually quite serious and at times downright poetic. A few images and metaphors over the course of the series have blown my mind, as have a number of the plot twists. Unlike many, many comic series, Y is a story completely thought out: the issues I've read so far (up through #58) carried with them implications and consequences that were initiated all the way in issue #1.

It's worth mentioning that CNN also reports that Brian K. Vaughn, the writer of Y, is now writing for Lost, whose season premiere is tonight. Knowing that Brian is penning some of the stories makes me eager to watch the show again!

Update: Whoops, the season premiere of Lost is tomorrow night; tonight is apparently the last season's finale again.

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  • Personal Demon says:

    Where's my hat-tip, you ingrate?! If I hadn't given you my copies of Y: The Last Man to while away your boredom, you would have been lying on my couch doing science or something.

  • PD: Whoops! I forgot about your hat-tip! You did introduce me to Y. On the other hand, you got me hooked on a series that I've now had to wait months to see the end of, which means you get a wag of the finger, too! 🙂

  • Personal Demon says:

    As a Personal Demon, my job is to lead you into temptation, then watch you suffer. I haven't gotten this much job satisfaction since... ever, actually.

  • PD: So was it you that made me eat a half bag of nacho chips today? 😛

  • Personal Demon says:

    [strumming fingertips together] "Eeeeeexcelent...."