Found poetry: Tell about a the book the nightmare man

Jan 07 2008 Published by under Fiction

I'm in San Antonio this week for work, and a bit bored. Drawing inspiration from Blake Stacey's writing of "found poetry", I hereby present my own brief poem (Found poetry is the practice of taking phrases from other sources, in this case search terms people used to find my blog, and making a poem out of them):

  • tell about a the book the nightmare man
  • keyboard in your mouth
  • twenty is the number of heads on the hydra
  • looming alien invasion
  • Nicolaus Copernicus prove bible wrong
  • What is a Wave?
  • roddy macdowell alive or dead
  • pond ripples

No need to applaud, thank you, thank you...

P.S.  If someone hasn't made this idea a blog meme yet, they should...


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