Last-minute Monday catblogging: The Terror!

Nov 26 2007 Published by under Animals

I'm up late, writing my NaNoWriMo for the evening, but thought I'd take a break with a few pictures of Zoe! She's still an incredibly sweet cat, as evidenced by this picture of her taking a break:

The only challenge with Zoe is that she's still young and incredibly rambunctious, and has a tendency to take swipes unexpectedly (I've got a nasty scratch on my nose thanks to her).  We're trying to 'fix' that with a little water squirt when she decides to pick fights with humans.  When she's playing nice, though, she's so cute!  Here's a picture of her all wrapped up in her toys -- literally:

Somehow I think she looks like a 1920s flapper, with the feather above her head and the feather boa around her!


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  • I can't believe she actually stopped moving and was sleeping! I don't think she closed her eyes once while she was here this weekend. I guess she had to keep an eye on Simon and Sasha. I still have the crinkly bag in my car. I hope she doesn't miss it too much.

  • TG: I think she's still a little nervous around the other cats, which is why she gets so hyper! Last night she was a perfect angel, curling up under the covers next to me and sleeping until dawn (actually, I was awake before her).

    I think we're doing things the right way. By giving her a 'time out' back at my place, she and Sasha and Simon all get to relax and be themselves before the next encounter...

  • babs67 says:

    Such high maintenance kitties we have, but they are so sweet I'll put up with it.