Ukraine Travelogue, part 3: This one blew my mind (updated)

Sep 19 2007 Published by under Entertainment, Travel

So I was sitting in my Kiev hotel, watching local television, and I came across the following television show:

This is undoubtedly a Ukrainian/Russian television show. Does it look familiar at all?

Here's another image which might help:

Yes, the one on the left is Al Bundy, and the one on the right is Peg Bundy; you're apparently looking at a locally Ukrainian-made version of Married with Children. Beyond the obvious character similarities, you can also see the iconic Bundy staircase in the back of the photo, and a stack of Al's shoes for sale on the right side.

Still not convinced? Here's a picture of Peg with the kids:

Obviously, that's Kelly on the left and Bud on the right. You see some strange things in Eastern Europe...

UPDATE:  Apparently I'm not the only one fascinated by this.  A friend sent a link to a recent NY Times article on this hot Russian show.

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